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Welcome to the Allied half of Army Group 1944! We reenact the combined Allied forces of the Second World War, including American, English, French, Soviet and other forces against the tyranny of the Axis governments. Our primary goal is to preserve the history of the veterans through accurately portraying soldiers of the Allied forces in tactical and living history events. We absolutely do not support extreme ideologies of any kind.


We welcome anyone interested in WWII history that would like to portray either a civilian or soldier of the allied forces. WW2 re-enacting is a fun and exciting hobby that combines many facets of military collecting, research and the camaraderie of working and playing with others who share the same historical interests.

Our objective is to portray the typical soldier as authentically and accurately as possible. We strive to create an accurate impression with respect to our uniforms, equipment and appearance. We believe that "living history" is best reflected by not just appearance, but also by reenacting other facets of military life of the period. We recreate accurate barracks and field encampments down to the smallest detail, even our entertainment is of the period.

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Army Group 1944 Panzer

And we are the other half of Army Group 1944. We portray various military and civilian elements from the Axis countries. We do this for reenacting and Living History purposes and serve as the professional counterpart to our Allied reenacting friends. We are a group of military historians, collectors, enthusiasts and friends who share a passion for understanding the story of WW2. We absolutely do not support extreme ideologies of any kind.


Our members reenact the German military forces by portraying Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Waffen SS and other Axis forces. Each one of us develops a new persona and enjoys this unique opportunity to learn and experience a different culture from another time.

Our goal is to portray the average Axis soldier or civilian as accurately as possible. Our members wear period correct uniforms, weapons and gear for different times (1939-1945) and theaters including Afrika, Italy, Russia, Normandy and Germany. We learn foreign language commands and study and practice authentic military mannerisms and combat tactics. Our encampments are carefully detailed and are full of interesting devices, decorations, foods and music.

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