Army Group 1944
Army Group 1944

Living History

As American as Apple Pie

Army Group 1944 is dedicated to preserving the history of these remarkable men and women of World War II. By participating in living history displays, we help to bring the story of WWII to life in the present day by simulating life of a typical soldier during the fight for Europe. You will get the chance to see what a ‘dog face soldier’ of WWII had to endure during the war.

Europe in the 1940's

A lot of the fun of reenacting is dressing up in period attire and participating in period activities. At every event our members enjoy performing the typical activities of continental Europe in the 1930's and 40's. When you walk into our camp or barracks the site, smell and feel will take you back to another time and another place.

Tactical Engagements

Combat & Tactics

During tactical events, you as a member will get the chance to learn the commands and field maneuvers that were used by the soldiers and get the chance to fight side by side with your buddies. In battle you will get a chance to use different kinds of weapons to fight off the Axis assaults.

der Krieg

The most realistic and exhilarating activity are the tactical engagements. As an Axis member you will learn German commands, drill on battlefield tactics and fight alongside your Kameraden. All weapons are blank adapted and you would find yourself manning an MG-42 just as readily as your trusty K98k.

Public Displays

Helping to Keep the History Alive

Along with the tactical engagements, we also take the time to build static and living history displays to help educate the public. Many of our members have been lifelong collectors of militaria. When we put all this together it creates a detailed and intricate display allowing people the chance to step back into time.

Public Education

As an Axis reenactor, public displays are fun way to share your knowledge as well as your collection of fascinating militaria. The public is encouraged to engage our Axis members with questions about their impression, artifacts and what they do and why they do it. Meet them and learn how different the world was in 1944.

Film & Photography

In the Lights

As an allied member, you may have the chance to help out in local films and photo shoots. Many of our members have already had the chance to assist with local films here in the Northwest. The allied units of Army Group 44 hold themselves to high standards of authenticity. Occasionally a photographer or writer will join us as an Allied War Correspondent, a unique opportunity to get amazing photos.

On Film and in the Movies

Our Axis members have been sought after by film makers and photographers. Our commitment to excellence have won us a lot of attention. Insistence on knowing all the details, costume, language, weapons and know-how make our members an authentic detail in any story. Photographers and writers may even join us as a warco at an event getting a good story and a lot of visual images.

Education & Research

Preserving History

Research is a key component of what we do. We urge all of our members to actively learn and search out information to better their impression and that of their unit. We strive to accurately portray every detail of the soldiers of World War II by conducting training in realistic scenarios, environments and weather conditions to better understand what they may have went through.

Rommel: Sweat Saves Blood

Our Axis members use every opportunity to train and educate its members, from operating a machine gun to a game of cards. Lessons are not just theoretical, but put into practice at every events. Each activity also has its own theme, place and time; providing an opportunity to learn history and experience just a little of what it may have been like to be on the front line.


A Brotherly Bond

You not only get to learn about and live like a World War II soldier, but you will form new bonds with new friends. Learn to trust and rely on each other and work together as a team, forming a bond that will last outside the engagements.


Perhaps the best of all reasons to join. Kamaraderie in our units is a unique experience. The kind that can only come from time spent together in a physically and mentally challenging environment, a condition hard to find in today's world. All of our members have become lifelong friends.

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